Feb 23

Wholesalers are making the shift to High End Wholesaling

Share this!As many of you have experienced the supply of investment properties has dwindled in the past few years. With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market being sold at deeply discounted prices the inventory of properties with enough equity to flip has dwindled. This short supply of flip inventory has real estate …

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Aug 31

How to Get Estate Sale Leads Through Your Local Funeral Home.

Share this!Considering all of the property leads that I get I must say Estate Sale Properties by far have been the most profitable flips.  These properties are generally mortgage free since 9 times out of ten they were owned by an elderly couple who purchased the property many years ago and have long since paid …

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Feb 28

How to negotiate an REO Property.


According to RealtyTrac there were 210,941 new foreclosures that hit the market between December 2011 and January 2012 which brings the current total of national REO properties to 1,344,490. This number does not take into consideration the number of properties that are not listed for sale. The properties that are sitting vacant that the banks own that the FDIC has forbidden the banks to list for sale. The shadow inventory properties that are sitting in the bank’s toxic asset pool not listed with an Agent. The FDIC regulates the amount of properties that the banks are allowed to put up for sale in fear of crashing the market with too many REO properties. Therefore these properties sit vacant in communities around the country.

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Sep 26

Stay in Constant Contact with your buyers

I decided that I wanted to be more effective with my email marketing. I wanted to present property leads that were set apart from the many property leads that my buyers received every day. I wanted to organize my buyers and be much more effective when it came to property lead presentation. I wanted to sell deals and in order to do that I had to have my email shout BUY ME to my buyers! That is when I found constant contact

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Jan 06

The Profits and Pitfalls of being a Wholesaler in today’s real estate market

Share this!No matter where you are in America being a Wholesaler in today’s real estate market is challenging. Foreclosures are at an all time high and property values are decreasing daily as a result.

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Aug 27

The magic of POSTLETS & VFLYER to market your wholesale deal


I am a big fan of postlets.com and vflyer.com when it comes to marketing real estate properties. This resource is an awesome tool to have in your wholesale toolbox. When I get a property under contract the first thing I do is create a POSTLET to help me market the property. With POSTLETS I am able to create a one page add about my property with pictures, information and a map and the best part is that it is a FREE resource.

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Aug 27

Stay in CONTROL of your Wholesale Deal!


A good wholesaler stays in control of their real estate deal at all times. From negotiations to sale it is very important that you stay in the driver’s seat.

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