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I was born and raised in the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia) and I currently reside in Southern NJ. I make a  good living investing in real estate and wholesaling real estate around the Country.

I am not a real estate Guru, I don’t live a super fancy life yet I am the most blessed person in the world! I have a wonderful husband, 5 beautiful children and 3 grandchildren which is why I consider myself blessed.


Like most people who grew up in Philadelphia I grew up in poverty .I got married when I was 19 years old and my husband and I always lived pay check to pay check. The problem with this way of living is that when the paycheck stops coming you stop living. I had always wanted more out of life but never knew how to change my current circumstances. I didn’t have a college education, lacked special job skills and honestly did not have an entrepreneurial mindset. I was always a stay at home mom and my husband ran our family rehab business. This business kept us financially afloat for many years however when the economy took a tumble in 2008 our business took a tumble as well.  This was the year that I was introduced to real estate wholesaling through a television infomercial.

I purchased a book through this infomercial and over the next few months I implemented the wholesaling strategies I was learning and continued to learn all that I could about real estate. How to Invest and how to wholesale. I made $10,000.00 in my first 30 days of buying the book and needless to say I am now on my way to becoming a real estate millionaire. It will take time, tenacity and dedication but I WILL do it!

Along with purchasing and flipping investment properties, I currently wholesale real estate across the Country and have wholesaled over 650 properties since 2008. I have learned allot along the way, have had some trial and error as far as what works and what don’t. Since I am successfully wholesaling in over 12 states, earning a 6 figure income, I am confident that my strategies work and I want to share these same strategies with you.


I am currently earning 6 figures a year wholesaling real estate from home. I am living my dream life and earning more money than I ever thought possible. I am on my way to total financial freedom and My desire is to take as many people with me as possible. There are many still living with the mindset of thinking “This is it” but let me tell you there is so much more out there for you.

I created to share my knowledge and experience with others in the hope that I can help someone else achieve the freedom that I have achieved. By sharing the strategies that work in the ever changing real estate market and helping others get started in real estate I am paying it forward. If you ready to live the life you have always dreamed of, ready to change your life and obtain financial freedom I am here to help you every step of the way.

I hope you will take advantage of all of the resources here on and begin changing your life and profiting from Real Estate.

And finally, please read this carefully:

I don’t consider myself a real estate guru, my techniques are not secrets and the kinds of things I teach are not “get rich quick” schemes  – far from it actually.

Earning any type of income online takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a lot of discipline (this is the hardest part)

I know I have an inspiring story and I am here to inspire you too, however I want to do it the right way. I speak only from my experience and please don’t feel like you owe me anything because of it. This is my way of paying it forward and leading you through the amazing journey to financial freedom that I have had the privilege of experiencing.

You won’t get any hard sells from me, long sales pages or fluffed up stuff – just real life strategies that I have tried and proved and recommendations based on my own experiences. The majority of my information is free for the taking and I encourage you to take advantage of it.

So please, enjoy and utilize all that I have to offer in an effort to help you along your journey.


To Your Success,

Carol Stinson

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  1. Al

    Thanks for the encoragement, and knowing that your expereince is an inspiration to others.

  2. Javron

    Ms. Carol thank you so much for sharing your story and your experiences in real estate. I started years ago trying to do real estate and messed up big time, losing the house, including my own house. I am back at it again and this time I am here to stay, determined!! Thanks again…

  3. Steve Marx

    Hi Carol..

    Came over here from the DG forum and you have a wonderful site here.

    I recognised the theme right away as I use it myself at one site :)

    I’ll visit often and am grateful for your insight and resources.

    Hope to connect sometime too :)


  4. Evelyn

    Hi Carol,
    I am enjoying your web site, your story, and the 10 resources that you put up to help all of us who want to improve and get good at the wholesaling business.
    I have been muddling along for a few months with a partner who doesn’t seem to be serious about REI. So I am going to go at it alone to see how I can manage and succeed.
    The two things I need to build are A) real estate agents and B) cash buyers.
    I live in the SF bay area, a tough market, but doable with the right ingredients. As you stated – hard work and patience are ingredients for success.
    I haven’t come across resources on my A and B. Could you advise please ?
    Many thanks for your inspiring story, as well as your gifts to aspiring investors.
    Evelyn Forrest

    1. cstinson


      Thank you for your comment. I know my reply is a bit late but if I can help in any way please feel free to reply to this comment with your question.



    Attn: Carol
    From: Angel Soriano

    Your Real Estate Investors’s Guide is very different from the other’s that I have read & subscribed to.
    You have stated right away the importance of inspecting the Real Estate Properties to determine what needs to be done & the estimated cost for you to make money.

    I also admire your willingness to share others what you have learned & have motivated others to make money for Free doing Real Estate Investment!.

    1. cstinson


      Thank you for your comment. I am dedicated to helping others reach their success potential. I wish you all the best in your journey!

  6. Tess Weir

    Carol Stinson thank you for sharing your hopes, life experience and wealth of knowledge on methods you have used and brought about success in your journey. My journey is just beginning, it is scary but good scary. Getting out of my comfort zone and pursuing life changes to come in being a real estate investor. Home school mom by day and evening till the Ams is my why.
    Complete in Him,
    2 Timothy 2:15

    1. cstinson

      Thank you for your kind words. Getting out of your comfort zone is the first step to real life changing success. I wish you all the best in your journey!

  7. Donald

    Hello Carol, your story, the work you have accomplished, as well as the work you do is very inspirational. Thank You for Sharing your Experiences! I have a question about your book that I would like to ask you. Have much, much more success with your family and investing.

    1. cstinson

      I am happy to answer your questions, What would you like to know about the book?

  8. Anthony M. Agostino

    Bought the book, would like to print out the stuff from the book….but…. printing from a kindle really is not possible.

    Is there anyway the content or contracts in the book can be downloaded elsewhere? That would help a lot.

    1. cstinson

      In the book you will find access to my wholesaling vault where you can download and print the contracts that you need to complete each wholesaling strategy contained in the book. Best of Luck in your wholesaling business!.

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