Dec 28

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How to Get That First Real Estate Wholesale Deal Done

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bigstockphoto_excited_woman_holding_cash_2246039_hh1kAs a mentor I am always faced with a student trying diligently to get through that first deal. Whether they have been at this for a few days or a few months there is only one thing on their mind… that first deal! ” If I could just close that first one to pay a few bills, to prove to myself I can do it”

Sadly many give up before they even obtain it. They try so hard that they literally burn themselves out. Why? As I have seen time and time again it’s because they are pushing without structure. Their Zeal is way ahead of their knowledge… they are so fixed on the end result that they take no time to effectively learn the process or to build their team. Their zeal for that first deal takes over their life causing them to burn out before they even get a deal done.

Don’t get me wrong zeal is a good thing but only when it is managed in such a way that it is in line with your knowledge. I have students who were running so fast and so hard towards that first deal they neglected many steps in the process. ” did you build your team?” ” Did you read everything you can about the process before you dove in?” The answer most of the time is “NO”. I have had students flying solo, making offer after offer, looking at properties, trying to evaluate rehabs, doing their own comps, putting out their own bandit signs, looking for deals, researching sellers, looking for buyers etc…. doing it all themselves and getting no where.

The first thing that you MUST do is build a team! Delegate some of the process! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE HANDS ON EVERYTHING FOR IT TO WORK!!! Recruit bird dogs to put out bandit signs, find a contractor that will do estimates for rehab, get help from your kids for some of the simple things etc…

Second, take time to learn the process, whatever process you are doing whether buy & flip, wholesaling, whatever, take time to learn the entire process first before you jump in. Don’t get stuck in the middle of a deal and not know what contract to use or what to do next. Know it, learn it and then do it!

I know that first deal is the most important one. After all you have to prove to yourself and your family that it is possible. But if you take the time to build a team and learn the entire process first then you will be less likely to burn out before you even get there.

If you have no done so yet check out my Step-By-Step Guide to Real Estate Wholesaling. I have packed this eBook with everything that you will need to know to effectively wholesale properties and profit in today’s real estate market.

NOW… Put a leash on that zeal until it’s fully trained and go get that first deal done!

To Your Success,
Carol Stinson

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Carol Stinson is a Real Estate Mentor, Author and Entrepreneur who continues to thrive in today's real estate market. Her concept of success is to never stop learning new techniques and then put what you learn into action expecting results. She is dedicated to helping others succeed by sharing what works in today's real estate market. Her strategies are effective, her techniques work and she is always updating them to conform to the ever changing real estate market.

Carol's biggest passion is people! Her love for others and dedication to help them succeed is genuine and ongoing. She created Real Wholesaling in an effort to help others find their way to financial freedom through real estate.

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