Apr 17

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How to wholesale real estate in Any State!

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Have you seen the Florida Real Estate market? The market is in such turmoil that houses are being sold for 60% to 70% below market price. This is a prime market for buyers looking to buy & hold until the market stabilizes. It may take a few years but it will get better, it’s real estate and real estate increases in value eventually. So what does this have to do with you if you live in California or New Jersey? It means that there is opportunity there for you ( The wholesaler) to make great profit wholesaling these properties over to buyers for a profit. Florida homes are desirable as vacation homes or retirement homes. That means that any buyer in any state will be open to a great Florida wholesale deal if they are in the market for this type of home. What is stopping you from locking these deals up and wholesaling them over to a buyer? Oh yea… you need to find the buyer right?

Virtual wholesaling of real estate is one of the ways to make money from home. Many real estate wholesaling courses are now teaching this method of wholesaling and many real estate investing courses are implementing this method of real estate investing into their training. WHY? It works!

Of course you have to find a deal first. Let me know when you do I can wait………. GREAT your back!! Shall we begin?

1. Post the property on craigslist. in the real estate for sale section in the state and city that the property is located in. Make it sound irresistible! Craigslist is probably the most effective source on the web for real estate marketing.

2. Go to the Real Estate Services section of that areas craigslist and look for the ads that say “I buy houses” etc… reply to the ad by sending them the info on the property. Some of these ads are posted by wholesalers but that’s o.k because wholesalers know wholesale buyers.

3. Go to nationalreia.com. (Real Estate Investors Association)
Click on “looking for your local REIA?” on the lower right of the page. Click on the state and then call the person in charge of the Real Estate Investors Association in that area. Tell them that you have a wholesale property for sale in that area and you need help finding a buyer. Many times they will allow you to advertise the property to their list of members. When you go to nationalreia.com and find the real estate investing group in that area check out their home page. Often they will have a list of vendors. Usually those vendors will have a website. Check it out and then call the number on the website. Other wholesalers will be a gold mine for you. So if there are any vendors with LLC. after their name they are usually the ones you want to contact because they are usually wholesalers. Offer them a fee or % if they sell your property to one of their wholesale buyers. They will do the work for you like show the property and advertise the property to their buyers. Now sit back and reap the profit while they do the work…LOL!

4. Go to meetup.com
Under topic or interest put in “Real Estate Investors” and the zip code of the property. You will get a list of online investment groups in that area. send them a message containing the property info. There are many real estate investor websites on the web as well.
5. Go to Virtualdealfactory.com
Create a free account. Once you post your property it will automatically be sent out to thousands of buyers across the Country. They will begin to contact you to get information on the property. Many will be wholesalers in that area looking to get a piece of the profit for presenting the property to their buyers. That’s exactly what you want so go for it!

6. Post a classified ad in the local newspaper where the house is located. This will get your phone ringing for sure! Here is a “HOT” site for you… it’s called newspaperlinks.com. If you think craigslist classifieds is awesome you are going to love this website. This is a single source to get access to every local newspaper’s online classified ads! Every newspaper in every state across the Country.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have control of the property before you complete these steps. Have a signed purchase agreement between you and the seller before you begin to advertise in an effort to protect yourself against the wholesalers who have no conscience about stripping you of your deal and going around you. There out there so always have your contracts in place before you market.

One way to get property leads in other states is to subscribe to a real estate lead generation company. Lead generation companies will provide unlimited leads in any state. Online lead generation enables you to find properties anywhere in the country. Its a great way to get home leads right at your fingertips. Many lead generation companies have a small monthly fee and and allow you to search unlimited leads in any state.

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