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    Wholesaling real estate is a very effective strategy to make money in real estate. The best part is that even if you have no prior knowledge of real estate you can quickly learn how to wholesale real estate. While wholesaling real estate will not make you wealthy ( real estate investing will do that) it is a great CASH NOW strategy. I say this because while real estate investing ( actually purchasing properties and renting them out ) is a wealth building strategy providing an ongoing profit through the rent and equity of the property, wholesaling is a make money now strategy. Once you make a profit from wholesaling a property you must find and wholesale another property to make a profit again. This is the difference between a wealth building strategy and a cash now strategy. Don’t get me wrong wholesaling can produce a passive income as well if you work hard to have a pipeline of properties and a list of cash buyers you can make CASH NOW every month. This is what I do.

One thing to keep in mind is that Real Estate Wholesaling is not a strategy of selling properties it’s a strategy where you sell the contract that you negotiate with the seller on a property. Real Estate Agents sell real estate but Wholesalers do not sell real estate. A Wholesaler negotiates a property for sale with a seller, signs a purchase agreement with that seller and then sells the rights to that purchase agreement to a buyer. The buyer then takes over the contract or purchase agreement between the seller and the wholesaler.

If your new to wholesaling you can learn all of the basic wholesaling strategies that you need to start making CASH NOW in my Real Wholesaling eBook. I have packed my eBook with all of the wholesaling strategies that I personally use to make CASH NOW every single month. Whether you are new to wholesaling or have been spinning your wheels trying to get that first deal done then my Real Wholesaling eBook is just what you need. You will learn all of my strategies to…

  • Build a buyers list
  • Find properties and negotiate with sellers
  • All of the contracts that you will need
  • Internet resources to help you wholesale right from home
  • and so much more!

I am just putting that out there in case you are new to wholesaling as it will give you all of the information that you will need to be productive. Also, if you have been spinning your wholesaling wheels for a bit but just haven’t been able to get that first deal under your belt or if you would like to learn the strategies that I use to compliment your wholesaling business. My passion is to help others gain financial freedom through real estate just as I did which is why I wrote the Real Wholesaling eBook and why I created this Real Wholesaling Blog.


When I was first introduced to real estate wholesaling in 2008 I had no experience in real estate whatsoever. My family was struggling financially and I needed something that would provide an income. I was always a stay at home mom and really had no work experience at all. Then one day I purchased a book from a television infomercial that introduced me to real estate wholesaling. I followed the steps in the book on how to wholesale real estate and made my first $10,000.00 in 30 days.

By 2010 I was wholesaling real estate across the Country, without ever even looking at the properties. I had developed a system that enabled me to complete a wholesale transaction right from my computer. I did not have to look at properties, never had to meet with the seller or the buyer. I had discovered resources right on the internet that enabled me to wholesale real estate in any state without ever leaving home.


Since I started in 2008 I have wholesaled over 160 properties across the Country and continue to wholesale earning a six figure income. I wanted to share my story with you in case you’re new to real estate wholesaling or maybe you’re just a bit skeptical of the fact that you can actually make money in real estate without using any of your own money or credit.


My passion is to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate just as I did. I want you to succeed! So here is what I did for you… I took all of my real estate proven and tested wholesaling strategies and all of the resources that I discovered along the way and put in all in an eBook for you .

This is my exact road map to wholesaling success! Each strategy and resource that I included in this eBook has been tried and tested by me. It took allot of trial and error to find the most effective strategies and the most powerful internet resources until I finally had developed a process that enables me to profit from real estate every month.

Whether you are new to wholesaling, have not been successful in getting that first deal done or simply want to make your wholesaling business more effective you will NOT be disappointed. My Real Wholesaling eBook is jam packed with information, strategies and resources that will enable you to profit from real estate in any market anywhere in the Country.


I don’t want to give you a fancy sales pitch or reasons why you need this eBook. ( It’s not my style) Simply put if you have not been successful in your current wholesaling en-devour or you are just starting in Real Estate Wholesaling then you WILL benefit from every strategy and resource that I have included in my Real Wholesaling eBook. I have poured my heart into the contents of this book because I am confident that the very strategies that have enabled me to achieve success will also help you achieve success.


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