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Real Estate Investing- 10 Tips to Build Your Wholesale Buyer’s List

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Buyer’s List Basics
Tips on how to build a Real Estate wholesale  Buyer’s List


1.Call ads that say “I buy houses” in the newspaper and also google them in your area. Ex. “I buy houses NJ”.

2.Call the “Houses for Rent” ads in your local newspaper and on craigslist. These are usually buyers that are looking to rent their properties.

3.Visit your local Investment groups in your area. Networking is crucial.

4.Put an ad in the newspaper or craigslist that states that you have properties 30%-50% below retail and you are looking for buyers.

5.Search your phone book for Real Estate LLCs or Investment companies.

6.Call builders and contractors in your area to see if they purchase rehab properties. You can also just send them a letter that states that you have rehab properties that you are looking to sell and wanted to see if they are interested.

7. Join online investment groups. This is a great way to find real estate investors and wholesalers.




8. Send a letter to the owner of a duplex or a triplex in your area. Those that generally buy them are real estate Investors that buy and hold. Simply tell them that you often come across deeply discounted multi unit properties in your area and you were contacting Investors in the area to see if they would be interested in being contacted when you have one for sale. (get creative)

9.Run an ad in the newspaper or on craigslist that says “3 bedroom Handyman house for sale, motivated seller, MUST SELL!! (Put your area)”. This will get real estate investors calling and then you can just tell them that that property is no longer available. Ask them if you can contact them when you have another one for sale.

10. Join Social Networks and search for Real Estate Investment Groups.



There are literally hundreds of groups that are directed toward Real Estate Investors and wholesalers. Go through the members of the group and start adding them as friends. Then when you have a property for sale simply post it in the group. Those that are in your area will reply.


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  1. George

    Hi Carol,

    I really like your blog, very informative

  2. Norris

    The ten tips are GREAT!

  3. LeJon Ratchford

    Many creative ways to build a list. I would also like to add running a simply craiglist add staying you want to work with serious RE Investors in a specific area. it has worked for me. Great article


  4. Liz Sebestyen

    Dear Carol, I’m so tired and I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. How I found your website? I don’t even know. I joined DG academy the end of April. I’m retired and my biggest advantage (I thought) was the time I could spend on making money. Between the cost of the academy and a new laptop,S-Corp,etc., I’ve spent $10,000. I feel like I have nothing to show for it. I’m trying to create a wholesale buyers list and coming up empty handed. I’ve learned more from your website just in the last 30 mins. than anything I’ve read in DG books or from the academy advisors. All the ads for DG say that you can turn a deal in 30 days. Well I don’t see the light yet. I’m not giving up because of the investment I’ve made. If you would like my phone 760-739-1917—–I live in Escondido, CA

  5. Glodean


    You are a Godsend. I have learned more in the little time I have been reading your website than I have in the month since I have been trying to figure how to start. The steps you have given for building a buyers list made so much sense and reading how you found sellers is amazing. Thank You, for allowing me and others to learn from you.


  6. Tawnee

    Thank you for your information, i’m trying some of your ideas today. Have REALLY struggled with a buyer list. Thanks for new ideas.

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  2. Flipping Houses without Flipping out! : Carol Stinson's Real Estate Wholesaling Resources

    […] Ten tips to build your buyer’s list […]

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