Jan 24

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Real Estate Investing – CRAZY Craigslist Titles for Your Wholesale Properties that Get Attention!

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cl titleAs a Real Estate Wholesaler I spend allot of time on Craigslist. posting properties, looking for properties, finding estate sales… you name it craigslist is my #1 source!

If anyone knows me they know I am not one for the “normal” or the “ordinary”. I like to stand out and do things differently as that seems to get me the best response. So a few years ago I started playing with Craigslist titles for my wholesale properties for sale. I mean how boring is it when you see all of the Craigslst titles that simply say “rehab for sale” or “great deal!”? Everyone seems to have the same great deal as everyone else, not much excitement there.


So I decided to get my Craigslist postings to stand out I would get creative with the Craigslist title to make people curious enough to click on my ad. And it worked! I place a counter on my ads to see how many people actually clicked on my “normal” titles as opposed to my “CRAZY” title. The results were astounding on the increase of clicks that I got with my CRAZY titles so I decided to create a few original Crazy titles to use for all of my Craigslist ads.

Below are my Top 5 Crazy Craigslist Titles that I use to post my real estate wholesale properties on Craigslist. I think you will find them quite amusing but honestly THEY WORK! Since my Craigslt posts always send the reader to sign up on my website to see the deal they grew my buyer’s list as well.

You can get your FREE Craigslist counter here to insert into your posts and see the results for yourself.

#1 MY GRANDMA CAN REHAB THIS HOUSE! - This is actually my TOP PERFORMING Craigslist title and the one that got me the most clicks on my ad.
#2 SHE WILL PAY YOU WELL TO FIX HER UP! I like to use this one for my real estate wholesale deals that provide a higher return than most.
#3 SOMEONE PLEASE SLAP THE UGLY OFF THIS PROPERTY! You guessed it !I use this one for my but ugly Wholesale deals… lol ( I have had many of these)
#4 HEY GEORGE… THE DEAL IS OVER HERE! Sometimes you just have to show them where to click! This title builds curiosity and gets people clicking to see what’s inside.
#5 THIS REHAB IS A NO BRAINER AND BIG GAINER! I use this one for the real estate wholesale deals that make so much sense it’s obvious when they click the ad!
There you have it! My stash of CRAZY Craigslist titles. Feel free to use them if you dare!
 Be Creative! Smart Real Estate Wholesalers know how to stand out and get noticed!
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To Your Success,

Carol Stinson



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Carol Stinson is a Real Estate Mentor, Author and Entrepreneur who continues to thrive in today's real estate market. Her concept of success is to never stop learning new techniques and then put what you learn into action expecting results. She is dedicated to helping others succeed by sharing what works in today's real estate market. Her strategies are effective, her techniques work and she is always updating them to conform to the ever changing real estate market.

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