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Real Estate Investing – How to Market Your Property With Postlets

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public_postletsI am a big fan of postlets.com when it comes to marketing real estate properties that I am wholesaling. This resource is an awesome tool to have in your wholesale toolbox. When I get a real estate property under contract the first thing I do is create a POSTLET to help me market the property. With POSTLETS I am able to create a one page add about my property with pictures, information and a map and the best part is that it is a FREE resource.
This resource is a must have in your collection of real estate marketing tools. Put it on the top of your list of real estate investment strategies to get a property marketed ans sold.

Not only does postlets.com enable me to create a pretty picture but check this out…

After you create your postlet go to the links section

Let’s start with HTML preview button under the color theme

This is a great resource when you want to email a real estate POSTLET to your buyers.

Click HTML preview, hit Ctrl+A on your keyboard, then hit Ctrl+C, now go paste this into your email message. WALLA an instant postlet to send to your buyers with pictures and description.

Go down and share link on your social sites.

Copy the HTML code and post your wholesale property on craigslist. this will give you a great presentation and description of your property to advertise on craigslist.

Now go down to the embedded code for your postlet minis. Copy any of the three embedded codes small, medium or large to put on your real estate or wholesale website.

This is such a powerful tool for marketing and a great way to add some spice to your property presentation.

Another great real estate wholesale tool is vflyer.com. This is much like postlets.com but with many more  automatic submission sites. Once you create a VFLYER it automatically submits your real estate property information to sites like OODLE, GOOGLE BASE, HOT PADS, CYBER HOMES, FRONT DOOR, TRULIA and ZILLOW. This gives you much more exposure for your real estate wholesale property.

** VFLYER tip… in the features section when you are creating a VFLYER it will ask you agents name and broker. Just put in NO AGENT in agent section and NO BROKER in broker section. This ensures that your VFLYER is posted on sites like TRULIA and FRONT DOOR which is usually only available to agents and brokers. These sites get allot of buyer traffic and you don’t want to miss out on it.

Good luck and happy posting!

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