Aug 25

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Real Estate Investing – 20 Ways To Find Properties

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 20 Ways To Find Investment Properties

1. Bandit Signs – hand written signs seem to get the best response. Post them at intersections or on phone poles in your area.
2. Classified Ads – Post “We Buy Houses” ads on craigslist and your local newspaper.
3. Vehicle Magnet Signs – Magnetic signs will advertise your message while you’re driving.
4. Business Cards – Give your card to everyone! The mailman, the pizza delivery guy and anyone else who drives neighborhoods for a living.Tell them that you give a referral fee if they give you a lead on a vacant property and you are able to purchase it.
5. Door Hangers - Hang these on doors in your neighborhood. Make sure the message on the door hanger has your contact info and states the you buy houses.
6. Wear your message - “We Buy Houses” shirts, jackets, hats etc.
7. Driving For Dollars - Drive neighborhoods for vacant, condemned and boarded up houses.
8. Flyers - Post flyers in supermarket, laundry mat and in any other public place that allows it.
9. Website Marketing - Create a website that collects information from motivated sellers and provides information about your company.
10. Bird Dogs - Recruit others to send your property leads by offering to pay them a fee if you close on a property.
11. Billboards - Rent a local billboard in your area that will get your message across.
12. Town meetings- A great way to let the locals know what you are doing.
13. Direct Mail - Crafting a letter and or postcard and mailing them to targeted lists – Probates, Pre-Foreclosures etc.
14. Networking With Professionals - It’s important to build your real estate network with professionals – people who work with real estate or work with people with real estate. Accountants, Lawyers, Appraisers, Realtors etc.
15. Insurance Companies - Fire damaged and un-insurable properties can be a source of profitable deals.
16. Property Management Companies - These companies could know ahead of time if a landlord is selling a property, if there are problem tenants and a problem property.
17. Department Of Code Enforcement -These are the people who will usually contact you for posting bandit signs but they also know which properties in town are condemned.
18. Estate, Moving And Garage Sales - Drive your area looking for yard sales and garage sales. These are sometimes homeowners preparing to move. Also check your local newspaper for Estate Sales, Garage Sales etc…
19. MLS - Have your Realtor Look for listings with keywords such as handyman special, motivated seller and properties that have been on the market for a long time.
20. Word Of Mouth Advertising - Let people know that you are looking for properties. Tell others what you do.
Another way to find real estate leads is to use lead generation websites that will provide real estate leads. Many of these lead generation companies will provide bankruptcy leads, foreclosure leads and preforeclosure leads. There are many lead generation companies out there that will provide you with property leads. As I state in many of my articles I do allot of online lead generation since I do all of this from home. There are even lead generation companies that provide agent leads which is a great way to find property leads since the homeowner leads contained in the agent leads are people looking to sell their home or buy a home. Many of these lead generation companies give you unlimited leads for a small fee. The fees are not that high and when you find a great property lead that makes you money it is well worth the investment.

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  1. realtyIIreality

    Great article… Some good tactics…. And is really true that hand written gets more attention then professional

  2. Daryl Mau

    Aloha Carol,
    Originally met you On Dean G’s forum. Trying to follow you on facebook as well. Been trying to keep up with you. whew, you sure do have a lot of energy. I didn’t realize how well you handle the web. I’m impressed. Please keep up the great work. I promise to try to keep up with you and believe me, not one word is wasted on me. You are a great inspiration, and the type of person I would like to be associated with.


    Daryl Mau from the DG network

  3. Albert Winston

    Hi Carol. I ordered your wholesaling manual and it is full of good information and tips on how to become a successful wholesaler. I have a question though. It is discussed on your pages 17 & 18 and it concerns the use of googlemaps.com. I was not able to go onto the googlemaps page and find a “show search options” line. Could this have changed since you printed your manual? Can you help me locate this information, as I am sure you realize how important this information can be.

  4. Donna

    great info! iYou have been an inspiration to me as well. Trying to get on your team but do not know if my subscription went through.
    pls advise if you see my info that i sent to be on your team or not.


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