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Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling Resources


Are You Ready Take Real Estate To a Whole New Level?

Check Out My Top Ten Real Estate Wholesaling Resources of 2015


Real Estate For Sale By Owner

Websites that will give you the real estate property value or ARV of a property.



Websites that provide motivated seller leads


Real Estate Mortgage Information

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  1. jack puccinni

    I learned of you thru Dean Graziosi; I need your help. Where do I find the initial marketing agreement between me, a consultant, and the owner who wants to sell. I need this signed before I can represent it for them on the fsbo sites? Right? Or am I totally wrong? Please help.
    Thanks for you attention to this.

    1. cstinson


      You do not need a marketing agreement, but rather a Contract to purchase the property. Once you have a Purchase contract in place with the seller you can begin marketing the property. You can find more information on wholesaling and gain access to all of the contracts in my book Everything Wholesaling.

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