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Jan 13

Real Estate Investing – Unleash the POWER of the Land Trust!

When I began wholesaling properties in 2008 the strategy for transferring a real estate purchase contract to my buyer was a pretty simple process. A real estate Purchase Agreement and an Assignment Contract was all that the average real estate wholesaler needed to make a profit. Foreclosures were few and the majority of the properties …

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Jan 05

TOP TEN Real Estate Wholesaling Resources For 2015

  Real estate wholesaling or doing efficient due diligence on a potential investment property would not be possible without the multitude of resources available to help with the process. Let’s face it online resources, apps and other resources are a valuable tool to the real estate investor and wholesaler. With all of these resources at …

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Dec 28


If your anything like me when I first started out I had tunnel vision on the money! I was learning ways that I could make tons of money in real estate and man I was all for it! What I did not realize however was that I had to make some changes in my life …

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Feb 23

Real Estate Investing – Wholesalers are making the shift to High End Wholesaling


As many of you have experienced the supply of investment properties has dwindled in the past few years. With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market being sold at deeply discounted prices the inventory of properties with enough equity to flip has dwindled. This short supply of flip inventory has real estate investors …

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Feb 13

Real Estate Investing- 10 Tips to Build Your Wholesale Buyer’s List

Buyer’s List Basics Tips on how to build a Real Estate wholesale  Buyer’s List   1.Call ads that say “I buy houses” in the newspaper and also google them in your area. Ex. “I buy houses NJ”. 2.Call the “Houses for Rent” ads in your local newspaper and on craigslist. These are usually buyers that …

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