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Nov 15

BREAKING NEWS!!! Thousands say that real estate wholesaling is dead!

  There are many real estate wholesalers who say that real estate wholesaling is dead in their market. They cant find deals, they can’t find buyers… they simply cannot get a deal done. Is real estate wholesaling actually dead in markets across the country? Is it true? Have millions of motivated sellers suddenly decided not to sell? That …

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Nov 04

Real Estate Investing – The HAMPs are Coming… ARE YOU READY?

  When the mortgage bubble burst in 2009 the government came rushing to the scene with their HAMP Program ready to modify mortgages. As of January 2014, more than 1.1 million homeowners had received a permanent modification of their mortgages through this government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which began in 2009. The program was intended …

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Sep 16

Real Estate Wholesaling – Starts With Understanding The Motives of People

   Real estate wholesaling is as much about people as it is about real estate. Aside from knowing the wholesaling process, success in wholesaling depends upon understanding the motives of people. What makes investors buy? What makes sellers sell? What makes sellers motivated enough to sell at a discount?     Most of the motives …

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Sep 16

Real Estate Investing- Is Real Estate Wholesaling Legal?

There are some who may tell you that real estate wholesaling is illegal and try to discourage you from doing it. The truth is that real estate wholesaling is a perfectly legal real estate strategy. Because contract rights are considered property, they can be transferred to others just like a piece of property such as …

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Apr 30

Real Estate Investing- Deal or NO Deal? How to Know in Under 60 Seconds!

I don’t know about you, but I want to know quickly if a property is worth my time. I am not one for wasting my time on a property that will never become a deal and make me money. When I look at a property I want to know my MAO ( Maximum allowable offer) …

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Apr 29

Real Estate Investing- Wholesalers Need to Recruit Speculative Buyers in 2015

Since the real estate mortgage crisis of 2009 produced an unprecedented number of foreclosures across the country, real estate Investors were able to scoop up discounted inventory and many took advantage of foreclosures and short sales. This wave of real estate activity enabled the real estate market to slowly rebound as these discounted properties were …

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Jan 30

Real Estate Investing – A Simple Way to Estimate Rehab Costs on a Wholesale Property

As a Real Estate Wholesaler I must be able to effectively evaluate a property to ensure that it meets my Buyer’s criteria before I put the property under contract. This process of evaluation includes estimating the cost of renovating a property to bring it up to the retail market value of the surrounding properties. When …

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