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Jan 26

Real Estate Investing – Agents Sell Real Estate, Wholesalers Sell Contracts… Know The Difference!

There is much confusion about the position of the wholesaler. Many people feel that a Wholesaler is a person selling houses without a license. Others feel that Wholesaling is not legal or that Wholesalers advertising a property for sale is illegal. This is the misconception that I wish to clarify with this post. Since the …

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Jan 24

Real Estate Investing – CRAZY Craigslist Titles for Your Wholesale Properties that Get Attention!

As a Real Estate Wholesaler I spend allot of time on Craigslist. posting properties, looking for properties, finding estate sales… you name it craigslist is my #1 source! If anyone knows me they know I am not one for the “normal” or the “ordinary”. I like to stand out and do things differently as that …

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Jan 19

Real Estate Investing – How to Recognize a Motivated Seller

I cannot begin to tell you how much time I wasted trying to negotiate a deal with a seller who was simply not motivated enough to lower the price on a property. I have met with hundreds of sellers, walked through countless properties only to find out in the end that the seller was not …

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Jan 13

Real Estate Investing – Unleash the POWER of the Land Trust!

When I began wholesaling properties in 2008 the strategy for transferring a real estate purchase contract to my buyer was a pretty simple process. A real estate Purchase Agreement and an Assignment Contract was all that the average real estate wholesaler needed to make a profit. Foreclosures were few and the majority of the properties …

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Jan 05

TOP TEN Real Estate Wholesaling Resources For 2015

  Real estate wholesaling or doing efficient due diligence on a potential investment property would not be possible without the multitude of resources available to help with the process. Let’s face it online resources, apps and other resources are a valuable tool to the real estate investor and wholesaler. With all of these resources at …

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Dec 31

Real Estate Investing – How to build a massive Cash Buyer’s List with AWeber

  Real Estate Investing – How to build a massive Cash Buyer’s list with AWeber   There are many MUST DO strategies in wholesaling and one of them is building your cash Buyer’s list. Without this list you literally do not have a wholesaling business and will NEVER make any money. A Buyer’s list is …

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Dec 28

Real Estate Investing- When to Get Your Cash Buyer’s Proof of Funds

As you build your Buyer’s List you are going to be adding buyers that are genuine and buyers that are simply tire kicking. It’s just the way it is. I have a buyers list of  over 7,000 buyers across the Country and when I tell you that only about 70% of them are actually buyers …

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